Our Business

Tower Clock Services Australia offer full manufacturing services ensuring that our capabilities are restricted only by our client’s imagination. Being in full control of manufacture means we can produce clocks for specific needs, for instance a clock on a surf club must be predominantly made from non-ferrous materials and offer resistance to salt water corrosion and vandalism.

At the heart of most new Tower Clock Services Australia clocks is cutting edge technology in the form of intelligent GPS controlled mechanisms, the timekeeping is constantly updated via satellite, meaning daylight savings adjustments are automatic, as is correction following a mains blackout.

We often work closely with councils, architects and heritage groups on building restorations to ensure historical accuracy, as well as working with community groups such as Lions, Rotary and others to build a centrepiece for their town.

Most Tower Clock Services Australia clocks are designed for exterior use, but the same technology is also used in installations for shopping centres, airports and clubs, in fact anywhere a large scale timepiece is called for. We ensure that we design the right clock for the circumstances.

our business