With the advancement of technology comes many options for a bell installation. Automatic striking of the Angelus, hour strike and swinging of a bell can all be achieved with our range of automation equipment.

Sites can be monitored remotely meaning we can change the ringing program of any installation across Australia and beyond without leaving our office thus avoiding a callout fee for our client. In the event an installation does not have a permanent modem installed, one can be mailed out to the site and plugged in by the client, thereby we can make adjustments.

Hand held remote controls are a popular option for bell systems, a hand held transmitter will start and stop a performance of the bells up to 200 meters from the controller. Operation of the transmitter is as simple as changing channels on a TV remote without the need of scrolling through menus on the digital controller, see following video.

In the case of St Marys Cathedral in Sydney, tolling on the Moran bell is controlled remotely, as a 100m dash up the length of the knave and 4 floors up a spiral staircase to stop the bell is out of the question.