Digital Bells

Digital Bell Systems – The Clock-o-matic Apollo Digital Bell System….

“If it is difficult for you to install cast bronze bells in your bell tower, our digital bell systems, which use digitally sampled bells and loudspeakers, may be an interesting alternative. The sampled sound of both swinging bells (Doppler effect and ‘mouth effect’) and carillon bells is available….

A bronze bell carillon consists of a well-chosen series of harmonically tuned bells, on which any kind of music can be played. The digital version has similar functions, such as swinging and stationary bells. Furthermore, our bell sounds feature unique dynamic expression. The musician that plays music on it can use a vast range of digital bell strokes, just as when real cast bronze bells are struck with clappers”.

Sometimes it is impractical to have bells in a church so an option is to have a ring of digital bells. These will carry out all the functions of church ringing but will also play melodies. Over 50 melodies come with the unit but any melody can be programmed into it either with the optional keyboard or remotely by us.

Digital Bells System