Looking for a unique end of school gift or small church bell?

Towerclock Services Australia is introducing the first in a range of bell packages which are perfect for school or church applications.

The height of the post means interference is limited if it’s in a public place.  The bells are made of bronze alloy 79-21, meaning the alloy contains 79% copper and 21% tin. All bells are cast in Italy and include the foundry mark, year of manufacture and can include a logo or inscription.  “Inscriptions” are in relief, so that the lettering appears to protrude from the bell, rather than being engraved – this is done during the casting process.  A hi-resolution image file would be required for artwork.

This package comprises the following:

  • 16kg Bronze bell, bell diameter is 295mm
  • Ball race pivots
  • Clapper (fitted to the bell)
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Black post (as pictured) with base plate
  • Bell rope for swinging & ringing (removeable)
  • Bell inscription, date & foundry mark
  • Road freight (or delivery) to your site

School Bell package enquiry

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